Carpet Cleaning

Irvine Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpeting adds a level of beauty and atmosphere to any indoor space, but only when it is kept clean. Regular vacuuming is one small step you can take to maintain the quality and beauty of your carpeting, but is that enough? Commercial vacuums and shampoos, even the high-end variety you see on TV, are not able to clean your floors as effectively as a professional carpet cleaning service.

Over time, carpets become a veritable jungle of contaminants: dirt, dust, bacteria, mites, and even their waste.  This debris and host of organisms dwell deep within the fibers of the carpet. A quick pass with the vacuum may pick up surface dirt, but these potentially harmful contaminants remain.

Irvine’s professional carpet cleaning services have access to powerful equipment and compounds that will quickly and effectively break up and remove these contaminants, improving both the appearance of the carpet and the air quality in your home.

The debris locked in your carpet fibers represents not only a potential danger to your health, but also shortens the life of your carpeting. When debris is trapped within fibers greater friction is created with every footfall, wearing away at the carpet fibers leaving the carpet feeling ragged. Having your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis can add decades to the lifetime of your carpet.

How do they do it?

Irvine Carpet Cleaning professionals begin their cleaning process by carefully moving any furniture in the room to be treated. Once this is completed, they will carefully inspect the carpet, determining high traffic areas as well as any places that may need spot treatment. Areas that have been stained  or suffer from high traffic are pretreated and cleaned with specialized equipment before the main treatment begins.

A non-toxic and environmentally friendly emulsifier, a chemical similar to the active ingredients in industrial grade kitchen cleaners, is applied to the carpet to loosen the dirt and debris embedded in the carpet at a molecular level. The carpet is then steam cleaned and finally treated with a high powered vacuum system that sucks out not only the dirt, but also the excess moisture left over from the cleaning process, meaning your carpets dry faster and makes the space usable sooner.

Having your carpets cleaned professionally will leave every room in your house looking beautiful. Whether you are planning a big party or just enjoy having fresh, clean carpeting, you should contact Irvine Carpet Cleaning for an estimate. Your carpets will thank you.